Corporate / Our Values - Principles

Customer Focus: We can make our vision and mission by pretending like a customer to each other. We value all our customers, and strive to understand their needs.

Value Added and Responsibilities: Provide added value to our work partners, and we are responsible to them because of our operations.

Being Proactive: We prevent problems before they occur, we search for fault possibilities and take care of them, prevent reoccurrence of them with smart solutions.

Creativity: Innovation lies at the core of our success. We make effort to develop new methods, for getting opportunities, solve problems and strive to achieve excellence.

Accuracy: always honesty in our relationships, our commitment to law and transparency is our guide.

Sensitivity to Cultural Diversity: As a company with a global mindset we evaluate and manage cultural differences.

Synergy: To catch success, we help each other and enjoy it. By providing the necessary support and tools to our employees, we create positive and inspiring work environment.

Our basic principles;
-Respect to people and the environment
-Participatory management
-Business ethics and social responsibility
-Effectiveness and efficiency
-Meets customer expectations with value-added cooperation
-Result orientation