Diesel Platform - 16MT

Diesel Platform - 16MT

It is preferred by construction and epair and assembly works. It is used in large enterprises where maintenance and repair work is intensive. It is preferred as rental equipment by crane rental companies that rent work safety equipment for working at heights. While Diesel units are preferred for working under difficult conditions in outdoor construction sites, battery-powered units are preferred indoors in the fairgrounds and active factories, in environments where exhaust fumes are not desired.


Working Height

16 Mt
Platform Height 14 Mt
Lateral Reach 7 Mt
Basket Capacity 250 Kg
2 Level Speed 2-5 Km
Boom Amount 1+2+Fly
Main Structure MC 700
Diesel Engine Power 34 Kwat
Basket Rotating Angle 900
Wheeldrive 4x4



General View View
Working Diagram View